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                    Welcome to our website. The Qingsu Vocational School has a great tradition of excellence,our roots extending back to a small private academy started1982, to the research-intensive, technologically.

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                    'Tis the End, My Friend.

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                    Alternatively, you may want to check out the tutorialhow to create a simplecool buttonPhotoshop called "How to Create a SlickClean ButtonPhotoshop" which was inspired by the Campaign Monitor web interface.
                    Chengdu QingSu vocational secondary schools founded in 1968, 1982 restructuring to become secondary vocational schools in Sichuan Province in 1990 the first batch of public office "key secondary vocational schools" title. The school opened a pre-school, high-star hotel operations and management, digital media, machining technology, finance commerce five professional twelve professional direction, with the support of the hotel, preschool, digital media, electrical and other professional standards training base . School first opened in Chengdu, International Department, and the Singapore Institute of Management Zhiyuan, USA BC College, USA Louisville Jefferson Community Technology College, Taiwan University of Technology and other domestic institutions Daren carry out various forms of joint schools for students development to build employment, further education, study abroad, entrepreneurial talent "overpass."
                    North 1st Dongpo Road Chengdu City Sichuan Province China
                    ? 2013 Qingsu Vocational School Chengdu China
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